Nieke Roos
20 February

Tokyo-based Satori Electric is taking an 80-percent stake in Magnetic Holding and its subsidiary Systematic Design from Delft. The transaction includes the purchase of all the shares held by Zeeuws Investment Fund. “This acquisition opens up further global expansion for us,” comments Richard Visee, co-founder and CEO of Magnetic and Systematic. “Starting from the European and Japanese markets, we’ll actively expand in the Chinese, Taiwanese, South Korean, American and Indian markets. Satori’s customer base and global presence combined with our technology will take our combined customer propositions and customer support to a next level.”

Systematic Gert van der Horn
Systematic co-founder and CTO Gert van der Horn working on a custom ASIC design. Credit: Systematic

Founded in 1998, Systematic is active in analog mixed-signal chip design and related customer-specific products, providing IC development as well as production-related support. Holding company Magnetic was established in 2014. Satori is engaged in the development, production and sale of electronic components and equipment. It offers state-of-the-art devices to customers in various countries and regions around the world.

“Magnetic’s specialties are IC design using self-developed proprietary analog cores and its cooperation with major semiconductor manufacturers as well as fabless companies to develop custom ICs,” says Satori’s executive officer Masami Ogawa. “With its technical strength and expertise, it’s able to design high-performance analog and mixed-signal systems that are widely used in mobile, industrial and consumer applications. Our acquisition aims to combine their semiconductor design technology and design team with our strong customer base and long-cultivated sales capabilities.”