Jessica Vermeer
18 June 2020

An AI solution from Belgium’s Deltaray enables full automatic inspection of parts at production speed. The Mechelen-based company has developed 3D scanning technology based on X-rays, which can be used to perform high-speed quality checks on or off the production line. The technology offers a solution for zero-defect manufacturers in the medical, automotive and 3D printing industry. Deltaray claims that its solution works up to a hundred times faster than alternatives, so inspections will not come at the expense of production time.

Deltaray 3D X ray
Credit: Deltaray

The start-up combines 3D technology with X-rays to generate a detailed three-dimensional image of both the inside and outside of a component. This image is compared to the CAD drawing, which serves as a point of reference. Automated manipulation of parts and a fully automated workflow eliminate the need for human intervention during inspection.

Quality control is causing more and more challenges for zero-defect manufacturers. “The parts are becoming increasingly complex, but the inspection possibilities available to the companies for quality control are not evolving at the same pace,” explains Deltaray CEO Dirk Hamelinck. “These manufacturers see their margins melting away as they need to invest more time and manpower to ensure quality for their customers. Increasing the number of samples or opting for a full human inspection doesn’t offer the sustainable solution they’re looking for.”

Deltaray has developed the new scanning technology in collaboration with the University of Antwerp and Imec.Istart. The result was presented at production partner Averna on 16 June. According to Walter Nackearts, business director at Deltaray, the technology can inspect parts ten to one hundred times faster than other CT inspection systems. The speed can also be increased by performing multiple scans in parallel. “This makes Deltaray the only player on the market that enables quality control at production speed.”

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