Jessica Vermeer
31 March 2020

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has reached an agreement with Demcon for the production of 500 ventilators. The government is also setting up a consortium of companies to increase production. The ventilators are needed to treat severe cases of COVID-19.

The influx of patients into intensive care units in hospitals threatens to cause a shortage of ventilators. Demcon subsidiary Macawi hopes to supply 500 ventilators within two weeks. If necessary, further scaling-up is possible. The government-initiated consortium is to start production as soon as possible as well. Details are expected to follow soon.

Demcon Macawi ventilation module
Credit: Demcon

Several other initiatives have sprung up to fight the ventilator shortage. University of Twente’s Techmed Centre is working on a solution to use one ventilator for multiple patients simultaneously. It does so by combining coupling pieces. Early tests show this application should be considered an extreme emergency solution.