René Raaijmakers
23 May 2019

Demcon is investing in Optiqua, a supplier of systems that measure the quality of drinking water. With the investment, Optiqua is able to accelerate the international roll-out of its real-time drinking water monitoring systems. Demcon will support the company with its engineering and production capacities.

Optiqua’s system applies an optical lab-on-a-chip measurement sensor with a broad sensitivity. The company claims that its Eventlab product surpasses traditional sensor techniques in applications aimed at the generic monitoring of drinking water. The system is a complete solution. In addition to the sensor, it consists of a data transmission infrastructure, algorithms and software for processing and visualizing data and detecting quality changes.

Optiqua sensor
Optiqua’s patented optical sensor technology is based on an integrated version of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI). The basic layout consists of an input channel waveguide (1 in the figure) that splits into two identical branches (3): a sensing branch exposed to the water sample (4) and a reference branch. Both are combined again to form the output waveguide. The MZI works as an optical scale, measuring minute differences in refractive index as seen by the sensing branch versus the reference branch. Credit: Optiqua

“This production and engineering collaboration enables us to focus on the international roll-out of our products,” says Jos-Willem Verhoef, managing director of Optiqua. For Demcon, the deal means more load for its assembly facilities. Dennis Schipper, managing director of Demcon: “We have capacity available and can take over responsibility for production and sourcing.” Schipper’s company will also be able to help with its experience in international markets.

Besides Demcon, the regional investment agency, Oost NL, is also participating in Optiqua.