Jessica Vermeer
16 January 2020

United in the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Dutch industry, academia and government have drawn up a plan to work more closely with Germany (link in Dutch). Germany is already the Netherlands’ most important trading partner; the plan aims to join forces specifically as a technology and innovation partner. It’s intended to evolve into a multi-year high tech program between the two countries.

HTSM’s ambition is to grow in the upcoming years. Marc Hendrikse of the top sector says: “Germany is the largest export partner for the Netherlands. We now want to ensure that Germany also chooses us over other countries when it comes to innovation.”

Duitslandplan cover
Credit: Holland High Tech

Germany’s traditional industries are facing major changes such as the energy transition and digitization. HTSM thinks they could use some support there. Its plan cites examples of technologies in which the Netherlands is well advanced, such as smart chargers, feeding energy into the grid and the development of lightweight materials for the automotive industry.