Paul van Gerven
15 April 2022

The Dutch Council of Ministers has allocated 2.9 billion euros from the National Growth Fund to six high-tech programs. The Nxtgen Hightech consortium has been awarded 450 million euros to fund 42 proposals in six domains, ie sustainable energy (batteries, hydrogen), laser communication, lab-on-chip manufacturing technology, energy-efficient chips, lightweight composite materials and robotics for agricultural applications.


Another major beneficiary is the Photondelta ecosystem, which secured 470 million euros to fund photonic startups and scaleups, expand production and research facilities, attract and train talent, drive adoption and develop a world-class design library. Partners and stakeholders are topping up the available capital to 1.1 billion euros. The GroenvermogenNL program has been allocated 500 million euros to scale up ‘green’ hydrogen and related technologies in a range of industries, including steel and fertilizer manufacturing. GroenvermogenNL had already been awarded 338 million euros in a previous funding round.

MaterialenNL (200 million euros) focuses on innovations in materials science to reduce carbon emissions, improve the efficiency with which raw materials are used and reduce waste. Luchtvaart in Transitie is receiving 383 millions euros to develop technology to decrease the emission of the aviation industry. Finally, 42 million euros has been allocated to fund the Einstein Telescope, an underground observatory for gravitational waves. Should the big science facility be (partly) built in the Netherlands, the government is prepared to shell out another 870 million euros.