Paul van Gerven
25 April 2022

Dutch companies are front-runners in quantum technology adoption, according to the research by the Cap Gemini Research Institute. Across the globe, the think-tank surveyed over 850 organizations in industries which might benefit from quantum computing, quantum sensing or quantum communication. Almost a quarter (23 percent) said to be currently working on or planning to use quantum technologies, moving from scientific research into real-world solutions. Among Dutch companies, that figure was much higher: 42 percent. Only Chinese companies are slightly more enthusiastic about embracing quantum technology (43 percent).


Nearly one in five organizations believe commercial applications will arrive within five years. Among the organizations already working on quantum, nearly 20 percent have reached implementation stage, ie experiments or proofs of concepts.

Use cases currently being trialed in industry include quantum algorithms to speed up drug discovery, supply chain optimization across manufacturing industries, secure communication and networking and development of ultra-accurate sensing devices.