Collin Arocho
2 June 2021

A newly formed e-mobility consortium has submitted a growth plan to the Dutch National Growth Fund aimed at accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). The consortium consists of the who’s who of Dutch charging and infrastructure specialists including ABB, Alfen, ElaadNL, Fastned, Rocsys and NKL, together with manufacturing expert VDL, Eindhoven University of Technology and EV developer Lightyear. Additional support for the consortium comes from Ebusco, Evofenedex, Natuur & Milieu, NXP and Port of Rotterdam.

Fastned EV charging
Credit: Fastned

Together, the consortium is looking to aid the Dutch government in meeting its ambitions of emission-free freight transport by 2025, all emission-free new car sales by 2030, with the ultimate goal that all road transport is emission free by the year 2050. To realize these lofty goals laid out by the government will take enormous steps. According to the consortium’s growth plan, electric mobility must become smarter, more efficient and more autonomous. In addition, charging infrastructure must be prepared to facilitate the rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles and the resulting rapidly growing need for charging infrastructure.

The Dutch e-mobility sector currently has a leading position in Europe, with strong export opportunities. In addition, many jobs are being created in this fast-growing market. Stimulating electric mobility and innovation, including the roll-out of charging infrastructure for both passenger vehicles and trucks, is essential to ensure that the climate ambitions can be achieved and that the Netherlands can remain a frontrunner. “It would be great if the Growth Fund could support the consortium’s plans, thereby accelerating the transition to electric mobility and further strengthening the leading position of the Netherlands in e-mobility,” says Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned.