Paul van Gerven
11 January 2022

Dutch quantum algorithm and software developer Qu&Co has announced a merger with Pasqal, a French developer of neutral-atom-based quantum hardware. Continuing as Pasqal and headquartered in Paris, executives from the two firms say the combined company will deliver a 1000-qubit quantum solution in 2023, on pace with the announced roadmaps of the most advanced quantum platforms.

Founded in 2017, Qu&Co develops quantum-computational algorithms and software to solve problems in the fields of chemistry, materials science, fluid dynamics and computational finance. The startup’s clients include Airbus, BMW, Covestro, Johnson & Johnson and LG while partners include Siemens, Schrödinger and Amazon Web Services.

Qu en co
Credit: Qu&Co

“Working with Pasqal on joint research convinced us their neutral atom technology is the best solution to attain real-world commercial applications in quantum computing,” said Qu&Co CEO Benno Broer. “We were impressed by the performance of our algorithms on their hardware and the many contributions the company has made in the quantum industry.”

Whereas many quantum computers are based on ions, Pasqal uses non-charged atoms. These are easier to stabilize, allowing the quantum computer to operate at room temperature. Pasqal has demonstrated a 200-qubit processor and has sold several units to high-performance computing centers.


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The merged company will have operations in seven countries. Qu&Co’s pan-European activities will continue under the names Pasqal Netherlands, Pasqal Germany, Pasqal UK and Pasqal Spain. Georges-Olivier Reymond will remain CEO of the combined commpany, while Broer will take on the role of chief commercial officer.