Paul van Gerven
4 May

HyET Solar has secured investments from Australian green hydrogen company FFI and Dutch investment fund Teslin Participaties. The Dutch manufacturer of solar foil will use the financial injection to build its 40 MW/year PV factory in Arnhem. “With the investments of FFI and Teslin, two powerful and complementary strategic partners, we find ourselves in a very attractive position to rapidly roll out our business worldwide,” comments HyET founder and director Rombout Swanborn.

Solar foil
Credit: TU Delft/HyET Solar

HyET’s roll-to-roll-manufactured product is called Powerfoil, a lightweight, fully flexible, thin-film solar PV module that’s especially suitable for low-load and curved surfaces. The current generation is based on amorphous and microcrystalline silicon, but several variations using other materials are on the company’s roadmap. Powerfoil only uses abundant and non-toxic materials, resulting in a low ecological footprint, high recyclability and an energy payback time of only a few months, HyET claims.