Paul van Gerven
2 May 2019

Eight Dutch government departments together with industry and research institutes have drawn up 25 missions to tackle important challenges as well as generate economic activity. The cabinet recently signed off on the proposal, which means companies and institutes can start to submit solutions.

The missions are divided up into four themes: energy transition & sustainability, agriculture, water & food, health & healthcare, and security. The missions thus cover a lot of ground, ranging from realizing an emission-free electricity supply in 2050 to increasing the number of years people spend in good health. For each theme, a comprehensive plan (“Kennis- en Innovatieagenda”) will be put together, based on input from industry and knowledge institutes.

There is a fifth, non-mission-oriented theme focused on developing new technologies that may help realize the mission goals (but is important in its own right as well). These key enabling technologies – nanotechnology, quantum technology, photonics and high tech – will get their own Kennis- en Innovatieagenda.

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