Paul van Gerven
21 April

The Dutch government has set aside 230 million euros in support of the local semiconductor industry. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has approved six proposals for the so-called Important Project of Common European Interest Micro-electronics 2 (IPCEI ME2), and will be asking the European Commission to do the same. In IPCEIs, the usual state-aid restrictions are waived to overcome important market or systemic gaps and societal challenges that can’t be addressed otherwise.


The projects concern radar and 6G technology (both spearheaded by NXP), semiconductor manufacturing equipment (ASML and Nearfield Instruments), semiconductor testing (Thermo Fisher) and integrated photonics (Smart Photonics). Details haven’t been made public. Another 70 million euros will be spent on the IPCEI Cloud Infrastructure and Services. The ‘winners’ in this category will be announced at a later date.