Collin Arocho
19 October 2021

The European Innovation Council has awarded Hardt Hyperloop with a 15-million-euro investment. This injection of capital from EIC Accelerator funds are aimed at helping the Delft-based startup and its partners, private and public, speed up the development of the hyperloop. This investment marks the first time that the European Commission (EC) has put its support behind a hyperloop company and demonstrates Brussels’ recognition of hyperloop as a key part of its sustainability goals.

Hardt Hyperloop timewarp
Credit: Hardt Hyperloop

This investment fits well with the European Green Deal, which includes hyperloop in the EC’s strategy for sustainable and smart mobility. Hyperloop vehicles move autonomously through low-pressure tubes, powered by an entirely electromagnetic propulsion system, making travel energy-efficient and completely CO2 neutral. The hyperloop thus responds to the growing demand for a sustainable solution for the high-speed transport of both people and goods.

“It’s great to have now gained the trust of the European Commission,” says Tim Houter, co-founder of Hardt Hyperloop. “Their support will help to accelerate the development of a European hyperloop network, bringing us much closer to significant CO2 savings. European cities will be connected smarter, faster and cheaper.”