Paul van Gerven
4 July 2022

Roberto Marcoccia has been appointed interim CEO of Effect Photonics. He replaces James Regan, who decided to step down. “I feel that the company now stands at the beginning of an important new phase in its development and that it’s time for a fresh pair of hands to carry it forward on its journey,” Regan comments. “While we’re saddened to see James leave, we’re excited for the next chapter and look forward to our promising road ahead,” says Steve Turley, chairman of the board.

Effect Photonics module

Effect Photonics develops and markets optical transceivers for 5G and data center applications. Its products are based on a single photonic integrated circuit (PIC), featuring dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) functionality, which increases capacity, and tunable lasers, which enable automatic channel tuning.