Paul van Gerven
19 February

Dynaxion Security has been declared bankrupt by the court in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Winner of several innovation awards, the Eindhoven-based startup was working on a compact particle detector for a variety of materials. Major use cases include security scanners for hazardous chemicals and illicit substances in parcels and environmental measurements, eg for PFAS.

Dynaxion scanner
Credit: Dynaxion

In 2021, Dynaxion announced a successful proof-of-concept demonstration of the security use case. Utilizing a radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) to generate a beam of neutrons, the system directs the beams toward the various samples and gathers spectral information of the materials through the use of several gamma-ray detectors. The data is analyzed by the startup’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, providing a fully accurate identification of all the samples.