Paul van Gerven
7 September 2022

Eindhoven-based integrated-photonics startup Mantispectra has entered into a collaboration with Turkish appliance and electronics manufacturer Vestel to explore the possibilities of spectral sensing in smart home appliances. Among other things, the partners are eyeing fabric-type detection for washing machines, which will allow for automatic optimization of the amount of detergent and water, program duration and temperature.

Mantispectra washing machines
Credit: Mantispectra

Mantispectra has developed a miniaturized near-infrared spectral sensor that can be integrated into a wide range of (handheld) devices. Facilitating the mass adoption of spectrometric analysis, the spinoff of Eindhoven University of Technology aims to penetrate multiple markets, including agro-food and consumer applications.

Vestel is a multi-industry manufacturer and operates in consumer electronics, household appliances, smart home and IoT solutions and smartphones. Exporting to 157 countries, the company reported sales of 3.7 billion dollars in 2021.