Nieke Roos
21 December 2022

Janne Brok has joined Eindhoven Engine as managing director. She’s been appointed for three days a week. In addition, she’ll continue to carry out her current duties as director of the applied mathematics consultancy agency Bureau WO. Brok is the successor to Katja Pahnke, who recently left Eindhoven Engine to join Prodrive.

Eindhoven Engine Janne Brok
Credit: Eindhoven Engine

“I’m very pleased with Janne’s appointment. Innovation acceleration and connection are a common thread throughout her career. She’s a connector and has experience working in and with ecosystems, which is why she’s a good fit for the role of director at Eindhoven Engine,” says Maarten Steinbuch, scientific director at Eindhoven Engine.

“In my current role as director at Bureau WO, I deal with the strategy regarding changes within ecosystems,” Brok explains. “Innovations can enter the market faster by including the larger context as a degree of freedom for change. With this approach, I hope to contribute to the success of Eindhoven Engine.”