Collin Arocho
30 June 2021

Eindhoven Engine, with support from the Brainport Regional Deal, has announced it’s welcoming four new projects from its Open Call 2021 initiative. The innovation accelerator will contribute 1.4 million euros toward the combined 11-million-euro research budgets of the four ventures, with a focus on energy and health technology. In being selected, the projects can continue to develop under the wings of Eindhoven Engine, which aims to help them get their innovations to market faster. In addition, they’ll work together at the Eindhoven Engine co-location on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology to help build the internal community.

Eindhoven Engine TUE campus
Credit: Eindhoven Engine

First of the four projects is Brain for Buildings, which is developing self-learning modules to monitor and diagnose climate systems in large buildings. Next, New Energy Outlook for the Netherlands Eindhoven Engine (NEON EE), will focus on researching the societal challenges of climate change, clean energy and smart mobility with the goal of building models (digital twins) to help determine realistic and cost-effective methods to reduce CO2 emissions. The third venture is The Green Energy Mill (GEM) stage. It aims to build a large battery that controls the storage and distribution of renewable energies such as wind, solar and potentially hydrogen to alleviate the use of diesel-run generators at large events and festivals. Finally, the Virtual Position Noise Measurement project, dubbed VIPNOM, is looking to further develop methods and algorithms to accurately measure and ultimately combat noise pollution.