Jessica Vermeer
18 June 2020

A European consortium including Capricorn Partners (Belgium), Helen Ventures (Finland) and Energiiq (Netherlands) is investing 1.9 million euros in Gradyent. This Dutch energy analytics solution company has developed an AI cloud platform that supports the management and optimization of district heating networks. The consortium joins existing investor Henq. Gradyent will use the investment to further develop its software and to commercialize its services. The investors will support the company with expertise and access to their networks throughout Europe.

Credit: Gradyent

Gradyent aims to optimize the management and efficiency of district heating networks. Many district heating networks run on legacy control systems with outdated software solutions, which constrains optimization. Gradyent uses digital twin technology built from a combination of hydro- and thermodynamic modeling combined with AI. Its AI cloud platform provides insight into heating networks and determines how to optimize them, all to reduce CO2 emissions.

Gradyent will use the funding to commercialize its services and expand its efforts, particularly in AI and software development. The company will also move its operations to South Holland. Hervé Huisman of Gradyent states: “We can now continue our journey with Capricorn, Helen Ventures and Energiiq on board. These parties can all add relevant insights and provide access to energy, digital growth and district heating networks.”