Collin Arocho
18 May 2021

AI-assistive technology company Envision has announced it has received a boost in funds. In its latest funding round, the Hague-based startup scored 1.5 million euros aimed to help accelerate growth and the rollout of its AI-powered app and smart glasses solutions for the visually impaired. The lift in funds comes from existing investor 4impact, along with additional support from ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund, Hungary’s Impact Ventures and strategic investors from Operator.Exchange.

Envision embedded Google Glass
Credit: Envision

Envision’s app and smart glasses solutions use the company’s in-house developed AI-assistive technology to aid the blind and visually impaired in processing the visual information around them. These algorithms extract different types of information from images and text and speak them out loud, enabling blind and low-vision users to read documents at work, recognize their friends, find personal belongings at home, use public transportation and more. The software is available via the company’s mobile app or can be embedded into Google Glass, with other smart glasses compatibility expected in the future.