Paul van Gerven
21 April 2020

Qutech launched Europe’s first quantum computing platform on Monday, called Quantum Inspire. Accessible to everyone, its purpose is for people to start getting the hang of the new technology. “Our platform focuses primarily on training and education, and the development of applications, so that more people can use the quantum computer as it develops further and becomes more widely available. First-hand experience will allow the technology to be adopted more rapidly in society,” comments Kees Eijkel, business director at Qutech.

Quantum Inspire
Credit: Qutech/Marieke de Lorijn

IBM was the first to start offering quantum cloud computing in 2016. Currently, about eight similar services are available. They’re not all based on the same technology. IBM, for example, uses superconducting qubits, while others rely on optical or simulation techniques.

Quantum Inspire has something special to offer: a 2-qubit processor of spin qubits in silicon. “The electron spin qubit is made with the same technique as a classical transistor and is just as small. This makes it suitable for mass production,” says Richard Versluis, systems engineer at Qutech. In addition, Quantum Inspire provides access to a 5-qubit processor based on so-called superconducting transmon qubits – a unique combination. Users can experiment with how their quantum algorithms compare on the two processors.

The new quantum cloud is part of Qutech’s mission to build a quantum industry in the Netherlands.

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