Paul van Gerven
16 May 2019

Several European universities, research institutions and companies involved in perovskite solar cells have started the European Perovskite Initiative (EPKI), a collaborative platform to take the PV technology to the next level. The initiative is being animated by the Dutch PV research alliance, Solliance, and the French consultancy firm, Greensquare.

Among the EPKI participants are pioneering perovskite research groups from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Oxford, as well as Oxford-PV, which together with Meyer Burger is constructing (link in Dutch) a pilot production line for tandem silicon perovskite solar cells. Dutch equipment manufacturer Smit Thermal Solutions joined as well.

Credit: Solliance

“This new perovskite-based PV technology has a very high potential and a massive roll-out of it would fit very well within the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan, as well as in the global urgency to massively install sustainable and affordable energy generators everywhere needed,” said Ronn Andriessen of Solliance.