Paul van Gerven
13 May 2020

At the beginning of May, the Flemish technological industry was operating at three-quarters of normal capacity this time of year, compared to 56 percent a month earlier. This is the conclusion of a survey by Agoria. The technology federation welcomes the increase, but warns that the current level of activity is still insufficient for many companies to get through the crisis unscathed. For example, 14 percent of the surveyed companies indicated that they’re already struggling with acute financial difficulties. A further 37 percent foresees such problems in the future. Meanwhile, Agoria notes that a full recovery in all sub-sectors by the end of 2020 is unrealistic.

The main headache of companies is the decreased demand for their products and services: three-quarters indicate that they’re receiving substantially less orders than usual. In addition, social distancing complicates business operations and there are supply and logistical problems. Absenteeism due to illness is decreasing, but is still weighing on production.

Activity levels of Flemish tech companies, as a percentage of normal levels this time of year. Credit: Agoria