Paul van Gerven
1 September 2021

France and the Netherlands have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their bilateral collaboration in quantum technology. The West European duo will exchange students, fund postdoctoral researchers, support startups and facilitate careers in quantum technology, for example by setting up a joint job board.

Credit: Quantum Delta NL

The two countries are the first European member states to join hands in quantum R&D and commercialization. They’re also the only two that have announced concrete national investments in the field. France committed 1.8 billion euros last January, while the Dutch government awarded 615 million euros to the public-private partnership Quantum Delta NL in April.

By partnering up, the countries want to increase the impact of their – and Europe’s – quantum efforts, especially considering the large investments made by China and the United States. “Our goal is to build a European quantum ecosystem that will yield innovation, business and jobs,” said Mona Keijzer, Dutch Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.