Nieke Roos
18 May 2022

Gallium Semiconductor has officially opened its European R&D center in Nijmegen. The hub was announced in November and has already been operating for some time, but now it has emerged from under the radar. Its activities include product development, device design, customer application engineering and production support for the Singapore-based supplier of RF GaN semiconductor solutions. “The center is designed to support the growth of our R&D team, who will focus on the development of innovative products and technologies to power next-generation mobile communications,” comments Henk Thoonen, vice president of operations and site director.

Gallium Semi
Credit: Gallium Semi

For Gallium Semi, Nijmegen was an obvious choice. “Nijmegen is the vibrant heart of Europe’s RF power technology and our presence there will allow us to expand our team with world-class talent,” says Michael Guyonnet, vice president of networks. “The city of Nijmegen continues to invest in the knowledge economy and is an attractive location for high-tech companies and its employees,” adds Kin Tan, CEO of Gallium Semi. For lack of space at the Novio Tech Campus, which would be the logical choice given the company’s motivation, the new hub is located in a nearby business park.