Paul van Gerven
12 September 2022

Photonfirst has announced a strategic technology collaboration with GE Grid Solutions. The subdivision of the global conglomerate has selected Photonfirst’s optical sensing solution for use in its real-time smart transformer monitoring systems. These systems will be instrumental in building power grids that support the energy transition, the new-found partners write in a press release.

Photonfirst engineer
Credit: Photonfirst

Photonfirst’s sensor systems are based on optical fibers inscribed with microstructures called fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), which partially reflect light traveling through the fiber. As the fiber is subjected to strain, a temperature change or another external influence, the wavelength of the reflected light changes proportionally. By measuring this shift, the strain or temperature change can be quantified.

“This chip-based technology allows for a scalable, small footprint and relatively low-cost solution that fits strategically in our product portfolio and matches our customer demands,” comments Alfonso Ambrosone, senior product manager at GE Grid Solutions.