Paul van Gerven
11 May 2021

Worldwide semiconductor revenue will grow 12.5 percent year-over-year to 522 billion dollars this year, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). “The semiconductor industry remains on track to deliver another strong year of growth as the supercycle that began at the end of 2019 strengthens this year,” comments Mario Morales, program vice president Semiconductors at IDC. Last year, the semiconductor market reached 464 billion dollars, an increase of 10.8 percent compared to 2019.


IDC anticipates continued robust growth in consumer (8.9 percent), computing (7.7 percent), mobile (23.3 percent) and automotive (13.6 percent) semiconductors this year. At the same time, supply constraints across the board will continue throughout 2021 while the industry struggles to rebalance across different industry segments. Real relief will come in a few years, when additional capacity comes online.

“The markets remain narrowly focused on shortages across specific sectors of the supply chain, but what’s more important to emphasize is how critical semiconductors are to every major system category and content growth that remains unabated,” says Morales.