Nieke Roos
4 January 2021

Today, high-tech consultancy firm TMC has opened an office in the city of Groningen – its fifth in the Netherlands, next to Eindhoven, Delft, Utrecht and Enschede. Michel Hoving and Tim Terpstra will lead the new business unit. Both have a background in technical consultancy and a large regional network. “With the new office, we cover the entire north, so Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel and part of Flevoland,” says Hoving. He aims to grow with 18 new so-called employeneurs in the first year, to at least 40 in the following years.

TMC Michel Hoving Tim Terpstra
Michel Hoving (left) and Tim Terpstra (right) will lead TMC’s new Groningen office.

TMC sees many opportunities in the north, especially in the energy and infrastructure sectors. “There are many companies here that invest in renewables where sustainability is of paramount importance,” Hoving continues. “Because of the growth within the energy transition, the demand for technical professionals remains high and labor market shortages will only increase.”

In addition, TMC focuses on the high tech as well as the maritime and food industries. Terpstra, in particular, has already gained a great deal of in-depth knowledge in these sectors in recent years. The Drachten Innovation Cluster is a good example of collaborating companies in the north of the Netherlands with which TMC would like to join forces.