Jessica Vermeer
24 September 2019

The Dutch cabinet has named Inreda Diabetic, Ioniqa and Hiber as Dutch National Icons. According to the jury, they illustrate the innovative power and diversity of the Netherlands; there is a serious chance they will have a lasting effect on the Dutch economy and Dutch societal challenges. The three companies were selected from over 50 submissions.

Amsterdam-based Hiber launched Hiberband, an affordable, energy-efficient satellite network enabling IoT all around the world. Goor-based Inreda Diabetic has developed an artificial pancreas that takes over blood sugar level regulation for type 1 diabetics. Founder Robin Koops built the device and tested it on himself. Eindhoven University of Technology spin-off Ioniqa has created a technique with which 25 percent of the worldwide plastic production can be upscaled indefinitely in an energy-efficient way.

Hiber satellite
Credit: Hiber

The three selected National Icons will be supported by the Dutch cabinet for the next three years. They each have been assigned a minister or state secretary who will become an ambassador for the company.