Collin Arocho
4 March 2021

Satellite IoT solutions expert Hiber has announced its next IoT service: Hiberheavy. The subscription-based service offers monitoring solutions for heavy machinery and equipment anywhere in the world. The solution, with application in the mining, agricultural and construction domains, allows users to keep tabs on entire fleets of machinery while enabling the collection of enhanced data and analytics to increase productivity and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hiber Heavy
Credit: Hiber

According to experts in the domain, it’s estimated that 20-30 percent of all heavy-machinery downtime is unplanned due to poor preventative maintenance schedules. Hiber’s IoT system aims to aid worksites in improved planning of maintenance schedules to optimize production. Additionally, the system gives users insight into emissions. By some estimates, the average heavy machine burns roughly 2,000 liters of fuel each year in an idle state, which has a high impact on the site’s overall carbon emissions. By tracking idling time, worksites can find quick solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We’re proud to have developed a solution that helps mining companies reduce their carbon footprint through smarter machine monitoring,” says Coen Janssen, chief strategy officer and co-founder at Hiber. “The productivity and environmental gains that companies can achieve with heavy equipment monitoring are enormous.”