Nieke Roos
12 February 2020

The European Commision has named Brainport’s High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC) a European Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), with expertise in innovative software solutions for the manufacturing industry. The DIH label is part of the EC’s Smart Specialization policy to stimulate regions, such as Brainport Eindhoven, to focus investments in current areas of technological strength and in high-potential future areas. The acknowledgement will make it easier for other front-runners across the EU and the world to team up with the HTSC and its members.

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As a DIH, the High Tech Software Cluster helps industrial companies to master digitalization and realize smart products, services and business models. It does this, for example, by organizing regular workshops and training sessions related to software innovation. SMEs are also welcome to visit the Software Competence Center at the Brainport Industries Campus (link in Dutch), where they can get free advice about innovative software solutions, experiment with live demos and learn about the changing role of software.

“We aim to show how pioneering innovative software contributes to more efficient, flexible and qualitatively better development and production of hardware,” explains HTSC project manager Wim Renders. “These software technologies shorten the time to market and keep complex development – of products and services in machine construction – controllable and manageable.”