Collin Arocho
8 October 2020

Dutch space company Hyperion Technologies is under new ownership. Sweden’s AAC Clyde Space has acquired the Delft-based developer of high-performance space components. The Nordic space expert is looking to expand its global reach and make space-based services more affordable by upgrading the design, manufacturing and deployment of constellations of small cutting-edge satellites.

Credit: Hyperion

Founded in 2013, Hyperion is renowned for its high-performance satellite components, namely its altitude and orbit control technologies. Since its founding, the Dutch company has supplied many of the world’s largest space companies and institutions. It’s currently part of a Dutch consortium to develop optical satellite communications technology, a key technology for future satellite missions.

“It’s great to see the Hyperion team join the AAC Clyde Space family, bringing together two great ‘newspace’ companies. With this acquisition, we’ll further extend our product offering and provide access to some key technologies, adding substantial capability to our missions, says AAC CEO Luis Gomes. “I look forward to working with our new colleagues in Delft as we continue to change the economics of accessing services from space.”