Jessica Vermeer
7 January 2020

The European Hyperloop Center (EHC) will be built in the province of Groningen. The northern province was chosen over Zeeland. The test center will be located just east of the city of Groningen. Construction will start this year and is expected to be completed in 2022. The tests should show whether the Hyperloop is a realistic alternative for short-haul flights.

Credit: Hardt Hyperloop

An important part of the EHC is a lightning-fast test track with a length of three kilometers. This will make the center the first facility in Europe where the transport system can be tested at high speed. There will also be a learning center focusing on European standardization, safety standards and the travel experience of passengers.

Delft University of Technology spinoff Hardt Hyperloop is the EHC’s initiator. The company’s aim is to involve as many parties as possible with knowledge of a specific component in the development of the hyperloop. Hardt CEO Tim Houter: “The open ecosystem of knowledge sharing with multiple private and public parties is of great importance to us. There’s an enormous amount of knowledge and drive within Europe. We’re bringing that together with the EHC in order to develop a single European system.”