Nieke Roos
1 October 2020

ICT Group divisions Nedmobiel and Proficium join forces. As of 1 October, they’ll merge and operate under the name Innocy. The new partnership combines the strengths of both technical service providers, as well as adding new services such as data and information, and infrastructure development, thereby ensuring full control of all aspects of the infrastructure lifecycle and enabling the provision of integral services. In addition, Breukelen-based Innocy can provide support in the development of strategies, concepts and design solutions in a variety of areas, including sustainability, mobility, climate change, shortage of raw materials, urbanization and smart cities.

ICT Barendrecht
Credit: ICT

Nedmobiel and Proficium have proven their mettle in the infrastructure industry. Over the past few years, they were involved in the development of nearly every new road and railway tunnel in the Netherlands. They were responsible for ensuring the safety, management and technology of these connections. They also contributed their consulting expertise to almost all DBFM (design, build, finance and maintenance) contracts in the Netherlands. Nedmobiel was acquired by ICT in 2017, Proficium last year.