Collin Arocho
30 November 2020

Imec and German scientific and industrial-grade camera manufacturer Ximea have announced their plans to extend their collaborative efforts. The two sides also revealed the newest product from their partnership, a new series of hyperspectral cameras. The Xispec2 series of cameras offer high spectral fidelity, tools and after-sales support to match the rapidly evolving machine vision market, including guaranteed spectral data quality, ease of use and calibration.


In hyperspectral imaging, light is captured from a combination of spectral bands. It delivers valuable data about the non-visible aspects of the objects and surfaces being examined, such as their (bio)chemical composition. By intensifying collaborative efforts, the duo is looking to speed up the adoption of hyperspectral imaging in a wide range of applications such as crop monitoring in agriculture, quality and freshness control in the food industry, augmented reality for surgery, robot guidance in industrial production plants, predictive outdoor maintenance, biometrics, forensics and earth observation.

“We’ve developed CMOS-based hyperspectral imaging technology that, over the years, has resulted in a set of top-class hyperspectral image sensors and hyperspectral camera solutions with extreme compactness, low weight and high reliability,” says Andy Lambrechts, program director at Imec. “Our collaboration with Ximea has been a key element for our technology to find its way to the market. With this extension of the collaboration, we take the next step. By offering our tailored technical support to Xispec2 customers, we guarantee the quality needed to fully reap the capabilities of this promising technology.”