Collin Arocho
9 January 2020

Imec’s newest spinoff, Micledi Microdisplays, has announced that it received 4.5 million euros in seed capital. This infusion of money is earmarked for the development of microLED displays for next-gen augmented reality (AR) glasses. The Leuven-based startup is looking to develop the world’s smallest and brightest displays. To achieve this, Micledi wants to leverage its key innovation, new integration technology for microLED on 300 mm wafers, which were developed in collaboration with Imec, to enable AR for everyday personal use.

The investment round was led by Imec.Xpand, the independent venture capital arm of Imec that specializes in hardware and nanotechnology out of the innovation hub. Additional support comes from Fidimec, which focuses on seed investments for startups, and the Flanders investment company PMV.

The Micledi team: co-founder and CTO Soeren Steudel, co-founder and COO Alexander Mityashin, CEO Sean Lord. Credit: Imec

“AR glasses may replace our smartphones in the future and display technology is a key enabler for such a transition. Today’s display technologies cannot fulfill the specifications needed for next-generation AR glasses,” explains Soeren Steudel, co-founder and CTO of Micledi. “At Micledi, we’re tackling this challenge and have developed displays that are 100x brighter than commercial alternatives.”