Collin Arocho
15 January 2020

It’s been a good run for the printing technology specialists at Inkless. After being named startup of the year in 2017, the company received a million euros to develop a system for ink-free printing for packaging and shipping labels (link in Dutch). Now, however, the Yes!Delft startup is announcing it’s ceasing operations as its inkless, laser-printing technology has been acquired by the Spanish Macsa ID, a manufacturer of coding and marking equipment.

Credit: Inkless

Inkless’ printing solution never really developed further than the packaging and labeling solution, but that suits its new Spanish owners quite well. Macsa ID plans to utilize the technology in its aim to help its clients mark and code with the fastest and cleanest methods available, while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint. After the transfer is complete, Inkless co-founders Arnaud van der Veen and Venkatesh Chandrasekar will work together with Macsa to further develop the technology.

“We started this company with the aim to become an important player in the printing market ourselves,” comments Van der Veen, the CEO of Inkless. “During the development process, we discovered, however, that it’s quite difficult as a startup to bring this technology to the market without established partners. We believe that under the roof of Macsa, this interesting technology gets a better chance to be introduced to the market.”