Jessica Vermeer
13 November 2019

Companies, knowledge institutions and authorities will jointly invest 4.9 billion euros in the government’s renewed top sector and innovation policy for 2020 – double the amount of 2019. 2.05 billion will come from the private sector and 2.85 billion from public funds. This is stated in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant 2020-2023 (KIC), which was sent to the Dutch House of Representatives by Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

“The KIC shows that more than 2,200 companies, knowledge institutions and authorities are jointly investing in Dutch innovation. All parties needed for innovation are affiliated: from researchers to entrepreneurs who develop these innovations, and from investors to governments who support them,” says Mona Keijzer.

This week, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Mona Keijzer, sent the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant 2020-2023 to the Dutch House of Representatives. Credit: Martijn Beekman, Rijksoverheid

Compared to 2019, a large number of new partners have joined the KIC. Various ministries, provinces, regional development agencies, knowledge institutions, universities and colleges. The covenant brings their investments in innovation together under the new top sector and innovation policy. This policy is based on the economic opportunities of societal challenges, key enabling technologies (KETs) and earning power.

The KETs form a separate topic within the KIC. The total investment in these promising technologies is expected to reach around 1 billion euros by 2020. The precise amount for KETs will depend on the needs of companies and the opportunities that researchers see. This will become clear in the course of next year.


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