Paul van Gerven
20 January 2022

Intel has committed to buying the Twinscan EXE:5200, ASML’s first high-NA volume production system that’s expected to ship in 2024 and be fully operational in 2025. The year before, by the end of 2023, ASML plans to start shipping the EXE:5000, a system intended for customer process development. Veldhoven has received five orders for these R&D tools and Intel had previously identified itself as the first buyer of that system as well.

ASML high NA
Credit: ASML

ASML is currently assembling the first EXE:5000 system, which will be installed at the ASML-Imec joint research center for high-NA lithography. The EXE:5000’s price tag is 270 million euros; the EXE:5200 costs “significantly over 300 million euros.”

It’s no secret that Intel, which wants to compete in the foundry business, is significantly behind rivals Samsung and TSMC. It seems it aims to make up part of the deficit by being the first to adopt high-NA lithography tools.