Paul van Gerven
6 December 2022

Intel is “completely on track” to regain technological leadership in the semiconductor industry, Intel’s head of development Ann Kelleher said at the IEDM 2022 in San Francisco. In foundry nomenclature, Intel is currently readying 4nm chips for production and expects to move to 3nm in the second half of 2023. Samsung and TSMC have already started 3nm production. After taking the helm at Intel in 2021, CEO Pat Gelsinger vowed to regain “unquestioned CPU leadership performance” in 2024 or 2025.

Credit: Intel

Intel is presenting nine papers at the IEDM this year, showcasing advancements in 3D packaging technology with a new 10x improvement in density, novel materials for 2D transistor scaling, new possibilities in energy efficiency and memory for higher-performing computing, and advancements for quantum computing. Through a combination of scaling, advanced packaging and other techniques, the company says it will develop processors with more than a trillion transistors by 2030.