Paul van Gerven
27 September 2022

Intel has picked the Verona province in Italy’s northeast to build an advanced chip packaging plant, Reuters report. The facility will cost 4.5 billion euros and is expected to create 1500 jobs plus an additional 3500 jobs across suppliers and partners. Operations are scheduled to commence between 2025 and 2027.

Intel Magdeburg
Artist impression of two new Intel factories in Magdeburg, Germany. Credit: Intel

The site is part of an 80 billion euro investment European scheme, of which Intel revealed the first phase earlier this year. That program includes new R&D and design hubs and foundry service support sites, but the most eye-catching element has been a 17-billion-euro fab in Magdeburg, Germany. Located near the Brenner Autobahn and railway, the Verona location is well-connected to that site.