Paul van Gerven
4 March

Intel has added the 10A node to its roadmap and submitted plans for a fab that might manufacture these 1nm-equivalent chips. 10A was unveiled shortly after confirming the 14A ‘high-NA’ node at the Intel Foundry Direct Connect event last week, several media outlets report. It’s scheduled to enter development in late 2027 but won’t see volume production before 2029, according to a slide showing wafer output captured by Tom’s Hardware.

Intel rendering
Credit: Intel via

Intel hasn’t shared any details about the 10A node but generally aims for about 10-15 percent improvement in power/performance per node. Of note is that TSMC doesn’t plan 1nm transistors before 2030, although it bears repeating that node designations are mere marketing terms these days.

Meanwhile, media outlets have found detailed construction plans for Intel’s fabs in Magdeburg on a government site, revealing they’re scheduled to come online by late 2027. Whether this means that the German site will be used to manufacture 14A or even 10A chips is unclear.