Paul van Gerven
15 June

Japan has secured the assistance of the US to power up 2nm chip manufacturing as early as 2025, Nikkei reports. Japanese and American businesses could jointly start a new company or Japanese companies could set up a manufacturing facility while working with American partners for R&D and design. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will partially subsidize costs and capital expenditures.

TSMC’s fab in Japan was originally intended to produce image sensors for market leader Sony. Credit: Sony

Like the EU, Japan is seeking out a modicum of supply security of semiconductors. Mirroring the Chips Acts from the EU and the US, the Japanese government has drawn up a plan to bolster domestic semiconductor manufacturing and design this decade. The trailing-edge nodes (12-16nm and 22-28nm) have been covered by partnering with TSMC, which agreed to build a new fab in Japan, and now the leading edge will be dealt with in collaboration with the US.