Paul van Gerven
8 December 2020

The European Jeppix consortium has launched a pilot manufacturing service for indium phosphide (InP) photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Through this service, businesses lacking fab facilities can create and evaluate manufacture-ready designs. The supply chain includes design tool vendors, designers, foundries and test automation experts.

Credit: Jeppix

InP-based PICs stand out from other integrated photonics ‘flavors’ by offering the possibility to integrate lasers, detectors, interferometers, photodetectors, modulators, filters, waveguides and other (electro-)optical technologies, all on a single chip. This has a beneficial impact on material resources needed, circuit level reproducibility and the overall cost of the system.

PICs can offer many advantages over traditional approaches for implementing optical functionalities in a wide array of application domains, such as metrology, quantum technology, microwave signal processing and lidar. Potential markets include optical communication, automotive, life sciences, agriculture & food, environmental monitoring, defense and security.