Alexander Pil
24 November 2021

Additive manufacturing equipment specialist Keiron Printing Technologies has secured additional funding through the Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) Smart Industries fund, which is backed by Innovation Industries. The investment enables the Eindhoven startup to deliver a proof of concept and accelerate the market implementation of its laser-assisted deposition equipment for printed electronics.

Keiron processor
Credit: Keiron

Along with the Forward.One investment it received in the third quarter, Keiron has now raised enough capital to fund its development roadmap. The team is in the process of expanding and looking to partner with local technology companies to strengthen its position in the market. It expects to have the first functional tool ready in December.

The latest investment marks an important milestone for Keiron. All of the company’s processes are now professionalized, with the founders directing internal and external teams to streamline overall development. According to CEO Jimmy Sy-A-Chin, it’s important now to set the standard, evaluate operations and improve them efficiently. “With a growing office space and team, we need to make sure everyone’s needs are met and that we work in an efficient way that sets the tone for current and coming talent,” says Sy-A-Chin. “Safety and efficiency are of utmost importance, but we want to remain flexible and open-minded, as a startup should be.”