Paul van Gerven
15 April 2019

Koolen Industries, the parent company of battery manufacturer Super B, is investing in Floading Energy Infra, a developer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. ‘The biggest challenge to realize the energy transition is to be able to store energy. This happens through charging and discharging systems. For this reason, this expansion of Koolen Industries’ investment portfolio is a logical step for us,’ says Kees Koolen, CEO of Koolen Industries.

Koolen made a name for himself at and Uber. Last year, he took the helm at Lithium Werks and integrated Super B in the battery cell company. The association was short-lived, however, as Lithium Werks’ investors weren’t too keen (link in Dutch) on Koolen’s plans for a large-scale R&D campus in Twente. Koolen left Lithium Werks, taking Super B with him, though he hasn’t given up on building Dutch businesses that facilitate the energy transition.

Lithium Werks 01_web 719×637
Photo: Super B