Nieke Roos
12 September 2019

KPN has become a member of the High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC), a Dutch consortium of software developing organizations. In joining the cluster, the telecom giant intends to implement and explore a wireless factory based on 4G/5G technology. The HTSC’s status as a Smart Industry fieldlab provides a platform to demonstrate the benefits that 5G will bring there. Possible applications are digital twinning, localization, virtualization and the large-scale usage of wireless sensors and smart algorithms for predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Credit: High Tech Software Cluster

Under Brainport Development’s leadership, the HTSC brings together thirty software-centric businesses spanning a diverse range: OEMs, system houses, service providers and tool vendors, in sizes large and small. They all recognize the growing importance of highly integrated hardware, software and network systems to connect and combine industrial equipment into a new generation of cyber-physical systems – the wireless factory. Based in the Software Competence Centre (SCC) at Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven (link in Dutch), the cluster is strongly connected to the rapidly developing Smart Industry ecosystem, a focus sector of KPN.