Paul van Gerven
20 June 2019

By providing infrastructure and R&D locations, KPN will assist Qutech in making quantum internet a reality. In the near future work will start to link up several Dutch cities, thus creating a rudimentary quantum network. “We are very impressed by the world leading capabilities at Qutech in both fundamental and applied quantum technology exploration. KPN is eager to work with Qutech on the road to a quantum-based internet,” comments Jan Kees de Jager, CFO of KPN and Chairman of the Economic Board Zuid-Holland.

The quantum internet is an optically-connected network of (small) quantum computers. Such a network enables the exchange of quantum bits between any of the connected quantum processors in order to solve problems that are intractable classically, including high-precision timing as well as secure access to quantum computers in the cloud.

Another desired application of a quantum internet is to provide virtually unbreakable privacy and a foundation of secure communication, guaranteed by the fundamental laws of physics.

Credit: TU Delft/Scixel