Paul van Gerven

Eindhoven-based startup Inphocal has successfully raised 2 million euros. The investment round was led by the new 100 million euro venture capital fund DeeptechXL, in which both ASML and Philips participate. DeeptechXL was joined by development agency Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) and investment fund Techinvest.

Inphocal’s technology, which was originally developed at Cern, turns a standard laser beam into a concentric laser beam, consisting of a central spot surrounded by rings. The center maintains a high amount of power over a relatively long distance, thereby significantly extending the focus region. This characteristic is particularly useful for laser marking, ie ‘burning’ a text or pattern in (packaging) materials.

Claiming 2.5 times faster printing and a more than 7 times bigger print area than conventional laser marking techniques, Inphocal aims to replace ink technology. “By using our innovative optical technology, we enable food producers and packagers to replace polluting ink technology with a sustainable alternative,” said Inphocal CEO Robert van Tankeren.

This week, Inphocal also won an Anton & Gerard Award, which is presented yearly to the ten most promising start-ups from the Eindhoven Brainport region.


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