Paul van Gerven
17 May 2019

For the first time, a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer has ordered three Levitor Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) systems from Levitech. The customer selected the equipment designed and built in Almere, The Netherlands for expanding its optoelectronic production on silicon wafers, among other applications. “The Levitor penetrated the expanding Chinese semiconductor market and is contributing to its success story,” commented Levitech CEO Jaap Beijersbergen.

The Levitor was originally developed at ASM International, which divested its RTP business as Levitech in 2009. Its unique feature is the flotation of wafers on cushions of gas, allowing for a very rapid and precise thermal treatment. For RTP, most of Levitech’s customer base is traditionally located in Europe. The company’s Levitor-inspired spatial ALD system for the PV industry, the Levitrack, is mainly sold in Asia.

Levitor_web 850×637
Credit: Levitech